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Gastronomic inspiration

In Italy during my college years

I worked for a well known artisan and brick oven builder

Sign. Mario Carpi.

Since 1985 I have opened, owned and operated five of my own restaurants incorporating my unique designs of brick ovens, grills and rotisseries that gave me nation wide recognition in many publications and other media across the country.

I have custom built unique brick ovens, rotisseries and grills for celebrity chefs across the country and abroad.

My experience in culinary art combined with my education in engineering and later specialization in Thermal-Dynamics gave me the competitive edge to design and build unique cooking apparatus for a spectrum of food establishments from high end casinos and resorts to the mom and pop neighborhood pizza parlors.

We build rotating pizza ovens - rotating brick ovens - revolving brick ovens - revolving pizza ovens - rotary pizza ovens - rotary brick ovens.

We have built brick ovens for Good Fellas Brick Oven in Staten Island, NY  and Figs and Olive's or Todd English - Mesa Grill for Bobby Flay in Caesar Palace Las Vegas we also build coal ovens and coal pizza ovens and we build bread ovens and bread brick ovens for bread baking and bakery.

Brick Oven – Revolving brick Oven